Meet Dr. Sean Flaherty

Thank you for your interest in visiting my office. I am a graduate of Life University, the largest and most leading edge chiropractic college in the world and I have been excited about exercise, movement and natural science for as long as I can remember.

Athletics was and still is a big part of my path. While attending chiropractic college, I had the privilege to play Premier division rugby and win the National Championship in the year 2000. Studying the body and playing such a demanding sport at the same time gave me a unique, personal insight into our bodies — how they move, how they’re injured and how they heal.

I practice the Gonstead method developed by Clarence S. Gonstead.  Dr. Gonstead gave the chiropractic profession a logical and bio-mechanically sound system for practicing chiropractic. He was considered by many a true healer and one of the greatest chiropractors the profession has ever known.


“My personal interest in health, pushes me to seek out everything that might allow me to live to the fullest. I apply this knowledge in my practice so my patients understand lifestyle choices and heal quickly.

Although I come from a athletic background, the care I give extends beyond athletes to people of all levels of health and age. I treat each patient with personalized care completely unique to their needs in order to best help that person meet their health goals and feel the best possible.”

– Dr. Flaherty

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