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Your Gig Harbor Chiropractor – At Puget Sound Wellness Center, a family and wellness practice, we do our very best to empower our practice members to make health care decisions that can help them enjoy better lives. We provide a great, loving, healing atmosphere. We have fun with our patients, and we help them live the best lives that they can.

“I truly feel that chiropractic is a way to help people not only live better today but add lasting quality to the rest of their lives,” says Gig Harbor chiropractor, Dr. Sean Flaherty. We want to partner with you to do that effectively and efficiently.

Removing Harmful Interference

Because chiropractic is about the function of the nervous system, there are two questions to consider if you’re thinking about this natural form of care:

  • Do you believe your body can heal and regulate itself? If yes, do you believe the nervous system controls the function of every single cell, tissue and organ and system of your body?
  • If you agree, what would happen if you interfered with the function of your nervous system? Every cell, tissue and organ will be affected, and the interference means the body cannot heal and so we get sick.

Chiropractic works to remove those interferences or subluxations so you can enjoy better health and a more vibrant life!

Are you ready to feel empowered to make decisions to improve your health and quality of life? Give us a call today!

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Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy of things natural.

Unlike other chiropractors I have experienced in the past, Dr. Sean Flaherty has integrity and really cares about his patients. I trust him completely with providing chiropractic care to my seven year old daughter, who suffered from a trauma to her neck and spine. He is not just a “back cracker” who makes adjustments on a whim. He takes the time not just to provide an immediate “fix” to the problem, he has a true desire to provide the corrective care that one needs.


I’d had a constant, nagging winter cough for about two months that I couldn’t get rid of no matter WHAT I did – and I tried everything. Finally someone suggested going to see a chiropractor and mentioned Dr. Sean. ONE adjustment and my cough was gone. It was AMAZING. I’d never been to a chiropractor prior to my experience with Dr. Sean and now I’ll never go to anyone else.

-L. A.

Flat Chiropractic is the best! I followed Dr. Flaherty when he moved from his previous location. He’s now farther away for me, but definitely worth the drive. He takes his time, understands and cares about my concerns and is always able to help with any issue I have. Anyone who is looking to make a change or is contemplating chiropractic for the first time, you won’t be sorry with Dr. Flaherty.

-A. W.

In what feels like has become the impersonal world of health care it is encouraging to know there are still doctors out there like Sean Flaherty. Some people are just meant to care for and help others and Dr. Sean is definitely one of these special people. When you call Flat Chiropractic Dr. Sean answers the phone. Email with a quest

-S. J.

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